DVD: Megan Leavey

DVD: The Mummy

Book: Haunted by James Patterson and James O. Born

Book: The Perfect Horse by Elizabeth Letts



-The first public library in America was opened in Charleston, South Carolina in 1698.

-Charles Dickens called the sicly character in A Christmas Carol "Small Sam" and "Puny Pete" before settling on "Tiny Tim".


-WHO do you think has sold more children's books than any other author? J. K. Rowling? Try again! It's R. L. Stine, the author of the Goosebumps series. More than 220 million of the books have been sold since 1992, when the first book, Welcome to the Dead House, was published. It's not surprising since Stine produces about two books every month.


-Parents are the most important reading models for children and young people.

-Only 1 in 5 parents easily find the opportunity to read to their children.